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Y Adapter Set, Medpack Medical Products

Y Adapter Set

- Y-Adapter Set provides an easy use for both interventional and diagnostic procedures.

Guide Wire Interventional Needle, Medpack Medical Products

Guide Wire Interventional Needle

- The midpoint is transparent to make Guide Wire look comfortable.
- It has an echogenic ..

Angiographic Injector, Medpack Medical Products

Angiographic Injector

- With the specially designed super flexible silicone plunger, friction resistance is reduc ..

Angiographic Manifold, Medpack Medical Products

Angiographic Manifold

- One Way.
- Low resistance.
- It is easy to use.
- Ergonomically designed.

Balloon Inflator Pump, Medpack Medical Products

Balloon Inflator Pump

- Double silicon hemostatic valve.
- It is easy to use.
- Quad input to the male rota ..

Anjiyografik Monifold Kiti, Medpack Medical Products

Anjiyografik Monifold Kiti

- PTCA is designed to facilitate stenting.
- Includes wide-bore (9F) Y-connector, insert ..

Intravascular Intervention Sets, Medpack Medical Products

Intravascular Intervention Sets

- Radiopaque.
- Vascular expander.
- Smooth, atraumatic duct expanding sheath.

Angiographic Guidewires (Teflon and Hydrophilic), Medpack Medical Products

Angiographic Guidewires (Teflon and Hydrophilic)

- Full length pointed structure with 1: 1 transmission from the proximal end to the tip for ..

Cardiological Ptca Guided Wires, Medpack Medical Products

Cardiological Ptca Guided Wires

- Applicability: The seamless one-piece guide wire is and the seamless twisted ride ..

Pressure Image Line, Medpack Medical Products

Pressure Image Line

- High quality. - Simple trading procedure. - Transparent and easy to use.

Open-Close Y-Connector & Automatic Y-Connector, Medpack Medical Products

Open-Close Y-Connector & Automatic Y-Connector

- Easy, fast and precise one-handed intra vascular device access. - Excellent tool e ..