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Bulb Sets, Medpack Medical Products

Bulb Sets

- Body for model AQ 5: nylon, net content: 5.0gram, Oxide with active ingredient: 90%. ..

Gas Bulb Containing Cartridges, Medpack Medical Products

Gas Bulb Containing Cartridges

- Since the cartridges with gas diffusion technique work system, they contain enough gas fo ..

Cartridge Sets, Medpack Medical Products

Cartridge Sets

- 100% Ethylene Oxide Gas Cartridge - Liner Bag - Moisture jeep - Dosi ..

Aluminum Cartridge, Medpack Medical Products

Aluminum Cartridge

- These are disposable aluminum body Ethylene Oxide cartridges. - It is 100% concent ..

Biological Indicators, Medpack Medical Products

Biological Indicators

- Steam, Ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, Dry Heat, are biological indicators used in the plas ..

Chemical Indicators, Medpack Medical Products

Chemical Indicators

- Multiparameter indicators are designed for two or more of the critical parameters. ..

Bowie Dick, Medpack Medical Products

Bowie Dick

- It is produced in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers to show the degree of performing the vacuu ..

Autoclave Tapes, Medpack Medical Products

Autoclave Tapes

- Strong adhesion,- Clear and clear color change, - It does not leave stains ..

Bundle Load Control Labels, Medpack Medical Products

Bundle Load Control Labels

- It is designed for package exposure control.- It is released as 600 pieces in one ..